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Work-in-progress video | Features


ShutterNotifier component is a considerable MessageBox alternative. Instead of blocking the user's work with modal dialog it shows a front layer with all neccessary informations on adaquate or arbitary place. Idea works well on the web - try it with Winforms. Watch the video, download full source code or the binary.

Work in progress video

Main features

  • Several display options
  • Visual Studio design-time support
  • Bindable to any Control successor
  • Show and hide animations (extendable)
  • More color schemes (extendable)
  • Various icons (warning, information, star, thumb up etc.) (extendable)
  • Clickable list of warning informations, ie. after clicking text "Name is required" the Name textbox gets the focus.
For more see the Documentation.

Technical details

  • C# / .NET 3.5
  • Winforms
  • Visual Studio 2008 or above



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