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Using in a Winform project

Add component to the Toolbar

Right click on the Toolbar, select Choose items... and browse SimpleNotifier.dll.

Add component to the form/view/usercontrol

Just drag&drop and set the properties (icon, animation etc.)

Show a message

Anywhere in the UI layer. Let's say after validating:

this.shutterNotifier1.In("Name is required.");

Advanced features

Detailed notifier

Of course that's not too much information above. Create a clickable 'what is missing' list and provide as more information as you want,

this.shutterNotifier1.In("Some fields are empty.",
                         "Click the field name to get focused.",
                         new List<WarningItem> {new WarningItem("'Name' is required", this.textBox5)});

Extension points

Feel free to implement IAnimation, ITheme interfaces to expand the color schemes and animation possibilites.

  • Implement one of these interfaces
  • Add a new enum value to the corresponding enum in Constants class
  • Add a resolver row to the EnumMapper class (ie. case Constants.Themes.Blue: return new BlueTheme();)
  • Enjoy!


  • Q: WPF version?
  • A: Not planned.

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Very nice idea keep it up.
Waiting for new updates.